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    1. Corporate vision: to be a leader in the core parts industry of turbocharger

      Corporate mission: reduce the burden of air pollution and add color to power pressurization

      Enterprise philosophy: people-oriented, faith first, quality first

      Enterprise spirit: pioneering and innovative, United and enterprising, pursuing perfection and never stopping

      Enterprise style: good beginning, good deeds and good ending

      Core values: serve customers, achieve self and benefit the society

      Struggle program: let the products and services of the three goodness travel around the world

      Quality policy: quality is the first in the domestic industry, and service is the first in the international industry
      Contact:Mr Ouyang

      Mobile:18607992700 Telephone:0799-6796558

      Address:No. 3, North Zone, high tech Industrial Park, Pingxiang Economic Development Zone
      WeChat scan concerns us: