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    1. 2018 annual summary and commendation conference and Spring Festival Gala

      From: Jiangxi Pingxiang Sanshan electromechanical Co., Ltd.  Date:2019-02-21 21:02:27  Hits:70  Belong to:Company News
      On January 28, 2019, the company's 2018 annual summary and commendation conference and Spring Festival Gala with the theme of "never forgetting the original heart, building a dream, moving forward and creating brilliance hand in hand" arrived as promised, and the conference was grandly held in Maojiawan hotel! It is divided into two parts: the 2018 annual commendation and summary meeting and the 2019 Spring Festival Gala. All employees and more than 100 guests of the company gathered together to witness this beautiful moment!
      ▲ the conference officially began with the blessing of the host

      ▲ first of all, Ouyang Yaonan, the leader of the company, made the 2018 annual summary report: a pragmatic and infectious report, which reviewed the achievements of the past year and the hard work of all employees, and affirmed and praised it! The second is to commend the outstanding individuals and teams who contributed to the development of the company in 2018.

      ▲ winner of dedication Award

      ▲ winners of advanced workers

      ▲ winners of outstanding contribution award

      ▲ winners of Technological Innovation Award

      ▲ award winning representative 1: speech

      ▲ award winning Representative II: speech

      Behind the harvest of applause and flowers is the sweat and effort! The development of three virtues is inseparable from the hard work of each employee; Today, the three virtues are inseparable from everyone's joint efforts, a hard work and a harvest! 2019 roll up your sleeves and do it!
      ▲ chairman Ouyang Pengzhi made an important speech and expressed heartfelt thanks for the hard work of all employees and the support of their families over the past year! And best wishes for the New Year! Thank all customers and suppliers for their full support for the development of Sanshan electromechanical! Thank the municipal and district party committees, governments, Federation of industry and Commerce and other social circles for their love for the development of Sanshan electromechanical! Wish all friends: good luck in the New Year! good health! Go hand in hand and create brilliance!

      "The new road has a long way to go and the new work urges people to forge ahead"! In his work plan for 2019, the chairman described the future development prospects of the company and expected all employees to strive for innovation, make persistent efforts and unite in the new year, so as to jointly write a new chapter of three good electromechanical! All the staff feel excited, excited and confident to achieve the predetermined goal!

      ▲ when everyone is still intoxicated with harvest joy, flowers and applause, the conference has entered the second theme "2019 Spring Festival party" with the rhythm of the host

      ▲ the party kicked off with a song "2019 good luck every day". Solo, chorus, dance, love song duet and other program forms are rich and colorful. Sketches and sitcoms are closely based on work reality and rich in educational and real life significance. Interactive games and lucky draw activities were also interspersed during the party. The whole party was magnificent, wonderful, climactic, singing, laughing and applause one after another!

      ▲ Huangmei Opera

      ▲ this street

      ▲ dance "tearful lover"

      ▲ select 8 third prize for the first time

      ▲ love China

      ▲ blue and white porcelain

      ▲ Crossword Game

      ▲ Happy China year

      ▲ agoji Opera

      ▲ three and a half sentences of the annual meeting

      ▲ "everyone paddles a boat"

      ▲ select 8 "second prize"

      ▲ dance "it's too hard to forget you"

      ▲ entering a new era


      ▲ "love to fight will win"

      ▲ draw the first prize

      ▲ company staff and guests

            Life at the moment is not important for us: yesterday's success is no longer important. Grasp today, let tomorrow show a more brilliant smile, and defend the oath of youth with a hard-working will.

            No longer hesitate, no longer linger, grasp yourself in progress. All rely on their own efforts, strong experience of wind and rain, with the sweat of success to verify youth without regret! Just because we are all heroes blooming under the brilliant stars!

            The party ended with the management team's passionate and hard-working melody of "love to fight will win". The wonderful performance not only shows the versatile and positive spirit of the "three good people", but also interprets the connotation of the company's corporate culture and transmits the real charm and positive energy of people-oriented again!
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