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    1. Congratulations on the award of "intellectual property advantage enterprise"

      From: Jiangxi Pingxiang Sanshan electromechanical Co., Ltd.  Date:2018-02-05 21:02:27  Hits:40  Belong to:Company News
      It is a great honor for Jiangxi Sanshan electromechanical Co., Ltd. to be recognized as "2017 intellectual property advantage enterprise" by the Intellectual Property Office of Pingxiang economic and Technological Development Zone. This honor will push the company to a new and higher starting point and become a leader in the region. In the future, the company will continue to strengthen the construction of intellectual property work system and management system, deeply carry out intellectual property work, improve the company's level of intellectual property protection, management and application, enhance the company's intellectual property advantage and independent innovation ability, and make intellectual property capital truly become the source of the company's core competitiveness, Promote the further development of the company.

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